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Google has recorded every search you’ve ever made – even if you’ve deleted your history

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Sure, you’ve hit that website out of curiosity, perhaps guilty pleasure or sheer hedonism, but you had the intention of clearing your history.

All maps are wrong. He cut open a globe to show us why.

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Along with the commonly known Mercator map, (the one used by Google Maps), there are a huge number of global map types that have been made throughout the years.

Unpermitted Thoughts

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“Why Spaceships Will Have Crucifixes

(Alternative Title: Good News if Feminists Annoy You)

If I described a future where Human Legions of Christians and Mormons conquered the stars for the glory of Jesus and Joseph Smith – would you believe me?

Fentanyl Cut Into Cocaine Is Causing More Deaths Than Heroin

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The opioid fentanyl is far stronger than heroin and 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. The drug is mainly used as a legal painkiller usually in cases of advanced cancer.

Fantastic solar powered home can move anywhere with its owner

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In only a few hours, this prefabricated, state-of-the-art home can be packed and moved anywhere. The concept is old, but bringing it to new technology is key.